Ecuador is a country of extremes.  Located on the West coast of South America, Ecuador sits between Colombia to the North and Peru to the South.  In fact, while many travelers associate the Inca Empire with Peru, the Northern section of the empire included what is now Ecuador.  Because of its small size, the four main areas that make up the country are relatively close together: El Oriente (the East, which is the Amazon), La Sierra (the Andes Mountains), La Costa (the Coast), and the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands are famed for the visit of Charles Darwin, and the principle industry is tourism to view the isolated ecosystem which developed there.  The coastal area is home to many plantations exporting plants and fruits and a major vacation stop for the beaches.  The Andes has the capital city of Quito at over 10,000 feet, mountain climbing on the major volcanic peaks such as Cotopaxi, La Mitad del Mundo where the Equator crosses Ecuador, and the cultural trading capital Otovalo.  Crossing the Andes you enter the Amazon Basin where the major waterway is the Rio Napo. the second major tributary to the Amazon River.  The major export from this region are petroleum and Natural Gas, which are piped over the Andes to the coast.  The abundant rivers on this side of the mountains are a paradise for white-water adventurers, and La Silva (the jungle) is a major eco-tourism hotspot.  There are still native tribes in the wilderness which have had little or no contact with westerners.

We only have space for a brief introduction to the country.  To learn more about Ecuador, start with a visit to these informative sites!

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